Ensuring project success with business coaching

Elibariki Tweve runs the small consulting firm ELISEMA in Tanzania. He has been working with farip for years. Elibariki outlines his business model as follows: “ELISEMA shows people with initiative how to get an overview of their financial progress and bottlenecks in their small businesses and systematically learn from these. We also help them to cope with government regulations and especially with the Tanzania Revenue Agency ‘TRA’.”

Elibariki, with his background in sociology and economics, has proven to be a conscientious and methodical ‘man on the ground’ for farip: All our projects in Tanzania are managed by ELISEMA.

Elibariki Tweve: “The biggest challenge for our clients is the inaccessibility of any capital they could use to realise their ideas. This is where farip steps in with risk loans. A major weakness of many projects is participants’ only rudimentary knowledge of business administration. It takes a lot of time to show even simple bookkeeping. The start-ups pay us for bookkeeping and auditing. Until the small businesses can pay us out of their profits, farip gives them fee vouchers, which they use to pay for our services. Our long-term survival depends on the success of our advice on how to get these small start-ups into business. Our clients are spread halfway across the country: Distances are a critical issue! To be able to service the ventures regularly over hundreds of kilometers, we develop innovative methods via mobile telephony.”

farip relies on ELISEMA to build up business know-how at the grassroots level and to ensure the economic success of the small entrepreneurs and initiators. That is why farip finances a budget item for accounting and consulting in every venture.