Hygienically packed beans for the retailers in town

Makambako, 2019-12-06. Lucy Kyando is a processor in Makambako. Lucy came to farip with the following business idea: to get beans delivered by TBM, pack them in 2 kg portions and make them ready for transport to the market.

TBM now brings her beans from the surrounding villages. She selects, dries and hygienically packs the beans in practical 2 kg portions with the help of her mother. In return, she receives a processing amount per bag. The marketing company TBM then looks for small traders for this product in the cities, where it is in demand among the many small income earners. Many people are interested. They do not have much time to clean the beans themselves and do not trust the beans that are sold openly, because they do not know whether they are clean or contaminated with pesticides.

farip has supported this project with a start-up loan for the purchase of packaging material and a simple electric sealer.

Lucy keeps paying back he loan in steps, thanks to successful business.

TBM also arranged a test run with delivering Lucy‘s packaged beans to retailers in Dar es Salaam. The test went amazingly well.

Lucy and her mother now want to see how they can increasingly function as paid quality for small shops like Fatuma’s in the distant big city. That is where farip helps. The women traders no longer have to risk their small capital for buying beans. They can concentrate on processing and packaging beans for the rapidly growing market of small-scale earners in the city.